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Helping you retain your female talent, improve productivity and reduce sickness by raising awareness of the Menopause and the benefits of Menstrual cycle tracking within the workplace.

Women over 50 are the fastest-growing group in the UK workforce

Research has shown that Menopause symptoms can have a significant impact on workplace attendance and performance.

One in four women going through their menopause considers resigning with many more leaving their jobs early or not putting themselves up for promotion.

It’s estimated that menopause is costing the UK economy 14 million working days every year.

Yet many organisations lack the resources, policies and culture to support the specific needs of those working through Menopause.

The risk for business, therefore, is huge in terms of loss of talent, reputation and competitive advantage.

Menopause Starts Before Your Periods Stop

For many women symptoms of the Perimenopause start in their early 40s and peak around the age of 51. The symptoms can continue on average for another 5-6 years.

The symptoms are both physiological and physical and the top five found to be most challenging at work are poor concentration, brain fog, sleep disturbance, anxiety and hot flushes.

Whilst some women experience almost no symptoms, around 80% experience noticeable changes.

Lunch &

Let me deliver an overview to your organisation of what exactly the Menopause and the Perimenopause are.


Learn to understand the link between having a Merry Menopause and understanding your Menstrual cycle.

Leaders & Line Manager Education

Are your Leaders and Line Managers aware of the Menopause? The Perimenopause and what they are?


Are they equipped to have conversations with their team about the impact Menopause symptoms can have on performance and attendance?


Workplace Policy & Awareness

Do you want to create a culture where Menopause can be talked about openly?

I can help you write your Menopause workplace policy and develop a Menopause awareness campaign to suit your organisation.


Menopause is not a choice, EVERY WOMAN will experience it. I want to help women understand this natural transition and how to the work with it, accept it and embrace it, it’s a powerful part of who they are and it won’t go away.


During this informal presentation, I’ll explain clearly the stages and symptoms of the Perimenopause and the Menopause and how the symptoms can be managed.


To help women prepare for their Menopause, I explain the power of their Menstrual Cycle. We are led to believe that it is a painful and unwanted inconvenience. It is the total opposite.


By understanding the real truth of their Cycle and the information it contains, a woman can plan her life and her work around the natural ebbs and flows of her hormones and better understand her body as she begins her Menopause transition.


The Lunch & Learn format can be adapted to suit your organisation. I actively encourage it to be accessible to all ages and genders.


Do the Leaders and Line managers within your organisation know what the Menopause is? What the symptoms are and how to recognise them?
Do they have the right skills in place to be able to talk to and support members of their team who may be trying to cope with their Menopause and manage their workload?
Lack of knowledge or empathy surrounding the Menopause is not a gap in their learning, it’s a subject that hasn’t been openly discussed, until now.
It’s important to educate your leaders and managers so your workforce knows they are supported. Open lines of communication around health and wellbeing keep employees engaged and prevent the risk of tribunal or loss of valuable people.
This education can be adapted and delivered to suit your organisational needs 


I can help you introduce Menopause as an inclusive topic and help you become a supportive Menopause friendly employer wherever your people are based. 
Together we can plan your workplace policy and an ongoing Menopause awareness program. These can sit alongside your Inclusion and Diversity training, policies and strategies enabling you to promote a truly inclusive culture
Menopause should be treated with the same respect, sensitivity and confidentiality as any other workplace health issue. Making Menopause a mainstream conversation serves to make your workplace a more positive and productive place to be.
This education can be adapted and delivered to suit your organisational needs.