Did you know Your Menopause starts
before your periods stop?

By tracking and working with, not against your cycle you can gain fascinating insights and personal knowledge about how you operate both mentally and physically.

Are you suffering with Perimenopause symptoms and/or problems with your periods? Would you like to go from feeling anxious, overwhelmed and despondent to feeling positive, informed and empowered?

Well, I offer a range of ways you can work with me to be more informed and understand both your body and your cycle better.

The Key to a Merry Menopause is Menstrual Cycle Tracking

We are led to believe that our periods are an unwanted inconvenience, but they are the total opposite. Our periods are not just for planning or avoiding pregnancy, they are a vital sign for predicting and maintaining good mental and physical health.


Are you struggling with your :





Women Don’t Work on a 24 Hour Clock, We Work on a Monthly Cycle

We strive tirelessly to fit into a male-dominated culture and we give away our power every day because we don’t understand how to support and honour ourselves as our hormone levels fluctuate and change.


Are you frustrated with your :



Menopause Symptoms?


By being more in sync with your natural rhythm not only will you be preparing yourself for a Merry Menopause you can eliminate PMS (premenstrual syndrome) improve your relationships, get in control of your weight management and improve your sleep


I can help you to understand and harness the power of your menstrual cycle and your menopause. Together we will look into your history and your symptoms and get you back on track, a Re-Set.

The Reset £97

Questionnaire + 60 minute call
I will send you an in-depth questionnaire to complete which looks into your periods, your physical and emotional health, your relationships and your diet and exercise. We then have a 60 minute follow up call to get to the root cause of the issues that are impacting your wellbeing, your periods and/or your Perimenopause symptoms. 

You will leave with a clear understanding of the choices you are making that are blocking your health and wellbeing and an action plan of how to make the changes you need to feel better and Re-Set. 

Your Period is Your Superpower £347

4 x 60-minute calls .

Do you know when’s the best time in your cycle to ask for a pay rise? Go on a first date? Leave a relationship? Deliver a big presentation? Revise? Exercise? Lose weight? Start a new job? Go on holiday?

Do you feel powerless over your physical and mental wellbeing? Learn how to work with the power of your menstrual cycle to take back control of your life.

By working with me over 4 weeks you will learn the truth about your cycle, the information it contains and how to to get the most out of your life by planing and making decisions in sync with your natural hormonal highs and lows.

The Re-Set and Your Period is Your Superpower £397

You won’t believe what you don’t know about your body.


Straight after your Re-Set is the perfect time to further explore the highly insightful phases of your menstrual cycle. Combine my two bespoke packages and save £50.

“I contacted Jo after years of suffering terribly due to a hormone imbalance. I thought I had read up on it and was doing everything I could do, but very quickly Jo identified some lifestyle and dietary changes I could make, and to my amazement, I saw an enormous difference within a week! It felt like a huge black cloud had been lifted from me. Things have continued to be significantly better and I am absolutely over the moon! Jo is extremely knowledgable and so compassionate. I can honestly say that following Jo's advice has changed my life, and I'm so grateful to her.“