In this ground-breaking book, expert immunologist Dr Jenna Macciochi unravels the new science around immunity.
Immunity decodes exactly what it takes to be well in the modern day and reveals tips and tricks you can start putting into practice immediately, 
including chapters on:
* Immunity-nourishing nutrition and the best foods to eat
* The importance of movement and how often to exercise
* How immunity and sleep are deeply linked
* Why mental health matters when it comes to your immunity
Offering simple, clear and expert advice, debunking popular myths along the way, this fascinating book explores the secrets of people who never seem to get ill, how to protect yourself against viruses and why some germs are actually good for us.
Learn how to cultivate your long term health today.

Why This Book?

In the year of a global pandemic questions and conversations about how to protect ourselves and boost our immunity have become a part of everyday life. 
In this fascinating, informative and fantastically practical book, expert immunologist Dr Jenna Macciochi reveals the latest science around our bodies’ own defence mechanisms. 
Discussing the ways exercise, sleep, nutrition and mental health affect our immunity, Macciochi offers expert advice and plenty of simple tips on how to start instantly improving your health and fight off disease through simple everyday choices.

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