The Merry Menopause

Let’s be real, Menopause can be challenging but let me make this clear, 


Menopause is not an illness, it is a natural, hormonal transition that anyone who menstruates will experience.

Menopause cannot be cured, but it can be supported. 

So Be prepared, not scared.

If you work with, not against the changes, you will discover that your Menopause is an opportunity for growth, healing and self-discovery.

I’m Jo Fuller ACTP accredited Coach and I’m here to support you to have the Menopause you deserve, a Merry not a miserable one.





It’s never too early to start preparing for your Menopause, and lack of education had me, panicking in my early 40s when I started to notice changes. My mood dropped, my skin started to itch, my body started to ache, my sleep became disrupted, my brain got foggy and I started to experience anxiety for the first time and I was still having regular periods.

It took me to the age of 49 to learn that my Perimenopause had started when I was 42, and that was why I started The Merry Menopause, to raise awareness and let women know that their Menopause starts way before their periods stop.

You can learn about your Perimenopause and Menopause by listening to my podcast here

I am an ACTP accredited Coach and an advocate of Positive Psychology. I help my clients and community to look at their Menopause and their Menstrual Cycle differently and positively and to act on the insights and intuition that our hormones bring.

I want to help you break free of a passive relationship with your body and to start to tune in and understand the UNIQUE and powerful changes and limitless possibilities that YOUR Menopause and YOUR Menstrual cycle bring. You don’t need a medical degree to understand the impact of your hormones.

As a Coach, I support you to move forward and work with you to integrate your Menopause into all aspects of your life for more balance and better wellbeing.

Together we unpick your symptoms so you can make sense of how you are feeling and take the action needed so you can have a Merry Menopause. 

You can find out more about working with me here

A circle of supportive friends is crucial for our well-being, to meet the demand for female kinship and a shared life journey.

Coming together with other women can create huge shifts by knowing that you are not alone by being part of a group. 

If you want to connect and be part of a safe and non-judgemental space come and join my free private Facebook group

"I first met Jo when she delivered a Menopause Awareness talk at my place of work. I stood at the back crying, everything Jo was saying was how I was feeling and what I was experiencing, I was struggling. I contacted Jo directly and committed to work with her on her ‘Re-Set’ programme. Jo helped me make sense of the way that I was and had been feeling. She talked me through how cycle tracking can help, I still have good days & bad days but I feel much more in control and I am kinder to myself on days that I know will be a struggle and I re-arrange important conversations to when I know I can smash it! I have taken back control of my Perimenopause. I can't recommend Jo and her programme highly enough."

Perimenopause Phase One 35-45

In your mid-30s, you are still producing enough hormones to give you good energy, skin, muscle tone and a sex drive, but subtle changes are happening in your ovaries as your egg supply starts to dwindle.

Perimenopause Phase Two 45-55

In phase two our hormone levels start to change dramatically and over time we stop having a regular menstrual cycle.

Our egg supply has shrunk, making pregnancy less likely but not impossible, beware!⠀

The Menopause



Your Menopause is ONE day, it is the very last of your last period, your last day of bleeding. 

Once you have a clear 12 months without a period you are in Post Menopause.

Post Menopause...

Our average life expectancy is 81 and the average age at which the Menopause occurs is 51!

So, that’s 30 years of life without sex hormones, which is almost a third of our lives.

Hi Jo, I wanted to reach out and say thank you for your work. I listened to your podcast for the first time yesterday and found it so inspiring. I'm a Menopausal, Senior Academic in the field of Work & Health, and I feel strongly that I need to use your platform to raise awareness around Menopause and empower working women. Your work boosts my confidence, I can do this!

If in your early to mid-40s you start to experience anxiety, disturbed sleep, memory loss, inexplicable aches and pains, you are not suffering from mental health issues or chronic physical illness, you are most likely experiencing some of the many symptoms of the Perimenopause or the Menopause.


The Merry Menopause wants to help women. To let women know that they are not alone. The Perimenopause and the Menopause are no longer taboo subjects, but we need to open up the conversation if we are going to understand our symptoms.

Awareness of the changes to our mental and physical health will benefit us enormously. With the right information and the right support we are able to make informed choices as to how we can manage this natural and unavoidable change in our lives.


For The Merry Menopause community to build it needs active members. Members to be vulnerable and ask for help, to share how they are feeling and to offer comforting words, reassurance and good advice to each other. 

When we are vulnerable we can start a conversation and when we start talking, our symptoms don’t go away, but we can start to feel much better.
Showing vulnerability is not a negative thing, it shows strength and a willingness to want to feel better.
Welcome to The Merry Menopause, it’s not just about hormones, it’s about connecting, wellbeing and enjoying life even when it gets tough. Women everywhere, I invite you to join the conversation.