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  • Do you want to improve the retention and progression of those who menstruate within your organisation?
  • Do you want to reduce the high loss rate of talent?
  • Do you want to see more parity at management levels?
Let me help you support your employees to thrive in their roles and their career progression as their hormones change.

Women over 50 are the fastest-growing group in the UK workforce

Research has shown that Menopause symptoms can have a significant impact on workplace attendance and performance.

One in four going through Menopause considers resigning with many more leaving their jobs early or not putting themselves forward for promotion.

It’s estimated that menopause is costing the UK economy 14 million working days every year.

Yet many organisations lack the resources, policies and culture to support the specific needs of those working through Menopause.

The risk for business, therefore, is huge in terms of loss of talent, reputation and competitive advantage.

Menopause Starts Before Your Periods Stop

For many symptoms of Perimenopause start in their early 40s and peak around the age of 51 and can continue on average for another 5-6 years.

The symptoms are both physiological and physical and the top five found to be most challenging at work are poor concentration, brain fog, sleep disturbance, anxiety and hot flushes. 

Awareness sessions

I have developed a range of engaging awareness sessions which can be delivered online and in-person. Every session  includes  Q&A  to encourage interactive discussion. All sessions are ideal for ‘Lunch and Learns,’ and can also be customised to suit your preferences for longer, immersive workshops or wellness events.

Menopause Awareness

Trans Menopause Experience

Leaders and Line Managers

Menopause Mental Fitness

Menstrual Cycle Awareness

Men and Menopause

“Your Menopause Starts Before Your Periods Stop.”

This session is everything you need to know about Perimenopause and Menopause so you can prepare, support and manage your Menopause transition.

‘Menopause Happens to People.’

The significant hormonal changes experienced in Menopause can affect a much wider community than many of us are aware of.

This session is a chance to reshape your understanding of Menopause for a more inclusive workplace. 

Be equipped with the knowledge and skills to be a supportive and informed leader for those in your team on their Menopause journey. Learn about Menopause, how to talk about Menopause and the Five Steps to creating a Menopause friendly workplace. 

The three most common symptoms of Perimenopause and Menopause are psychological – low mood, anxiety and depression. Learn how to strengthen and build mental fitness as your hormones change. 

‘Your Period is Your Superpower’

Improve your overall wellbeing by working with and not against your monthly cycle and learn how to use this tool to prepare yourself for Perimenopause and Menopause.

Learn how to support those you love on their Menopause journey.

In development and coming soon…


Contact me for more details and to book 

Ongoing support

You’ve started the Menopause and Menstruation conversation how do you then go on to show your commitment and support?

1:1 Coaching

Group coaching and Facilitation

Menopause workplace policy

Do you have someone in your team or organisation who is struggling? 


NICE is updating its guidelines to include coaching and therapy to support Menopause. The benefits of 1:1 talking support has been recognised. 


I support all those who Menstruate to integrate their Menopause transition into all aspects of their work and personal lives for more balance, better wellbeing and ultimately a Merry, not a miserable, Menopause.

Bring your people together to share their experiences, give and receive support and feel heard and valued.


Take that internal Menopause chat group to the next level with professional facilitation and coaching.

I can help you introduce Menopause as an inclusive topic and help you become a supportive Menopause friendly employer wherever your people are based. 
Together we can plan your workplace policy and an ongoing Menopause awareness program. These can sit alongside your Inclusion and Diversity training, policies and strategies enabling you to promote a truly inclusive culture.
"Jo’s delivery of three Menopause training modules was professional, knowledgeable, interesting and relevant. The Transgender Menopause session was thought-provoking and the first of its kind. We are proud to have been able to deliver this to our community with the help of Jo"
Dr Nazila Kamaly, Senior Lecturer & EDI Co-Director, Department of Chemistry Imperial College London
"As part of our Wellness scheme, we invited Jo to host a lunch and learn session in our office to help educate the team and destigmatise Menopause and the importance of Menstrual Cycle tracking. The session was informative and inspirational and sparked a lot of discussion and ongoing conversations. "
Tom Bayliss, Chief Client Officer