I'm Jo Fuller

Founder of The Merry Menopause online community & Menopause and Menstruality Educator and accredited Coach.

My mission is to change the negative narrative and social stigma surrounding the Menopause and the Menstrual Cycle. I am raising awareness of the issues surrounding the understanding and treatment of women’s mental and physical health, and encouraging women to harness the power of their hormones. 

My lack of knowledge meant my Perimenopause symptoms hit me hard in my mid-40s and this made me realise just how little I knew about this major transitional time of my life.

I had heard of the physical symptoms, they are well documented, hot flushes, weight gain, lack of libido, but it was the mental and cognitive symptoms that took me, and from what I hear from The Merry Menopause community, many women by surprise.

I now know that my anxiety is caused by the fluctuations in my hormone levels. My awareness and talking openly about how I am feeling is playing a huge part in helping me to manage my symptoms and adapt to the changes I am experiencing. .

By opening up the conversation we are helping all the young women following behind us. My mother’s generation didn’t speak about their Menopause, they suffered in silence, and that reflects our lack of knowledge and the current social stigma.

If we can embrace our Perimenopause and our Menopause and normalise this unavoidable and natural change in our lives, we can make this experience more positive not only for us but for generations of women to come. Please join in and help to build a community that will help women harness the power of their hormones.

Be prepared, not scared and know that you are never alone.

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