As a Coach, I am an advocate of, and accredited in, Positive Psychology and NeuroScience and I help my clients to look at their Menopause and their Menstrual Cycle differently.

I am committed to raising awareness of the integral role the two big hormonal changes, Menarche and Menopause, play in a woman’s life, and I support  women to  experience the life-changing benefits of working with, and not against their natural cycles at every stage of their hormonal life journey.

I offer Menopause Coaching sessions as well as my bespoke holistic Coaching program The Reset.

I believe the key to a Merry Menopause is Menstrual cycle tracking – I couldn’t have managed my Perimenopause without this invaluable tool. Learn all about the power of your cycle with my coaching and bespoke program Your Period is Your Super Power.

Does your organisation need to start the Menopause and/or Menstruation conversation? I can help you with my workplace coaching and education. 

I’m with you to support you through your Menopause journey so that you can manage any symptoms and experience and act on the insights and intuition that this natural hormonal transition brings.

We are led to believe that periods are a painful and unwanted inconvenience but by understanding the real truth of the Menstrual Cycle and the information it contains, a woman can plan her life and her work around the natural ebbs and flows of her hormones and better understand her body.   

Be the change you want to see, the Organisation that advocates and supports a Merry Menopause.

Jo ran an engaging and insightful Menopause masterclass for our Leaders across the Co-op, which was extremely well received and sparked lots of important internal conversations. Jo created a safe and warm space for colleagues to learn, to reflect, and to share their own questions and experiences, bringing the impact our policy has to life. A truly wonderful and valuable contribution to our Wellbeing Programme. Thank you Jo!
Laura Broome
Wellbeing Adviser Co-0p