A September to remember

Can you believe it’s September??!

My word for this month is ‘calm.’ It’s only the 1st and already I am starting to feel overwhelmed with the influx of emails and WhatsApp as everybody starts to get busy again.

So how do I BE a person that is calm? It’s OK saying that’s my word, but who do I need to BE to have calm in my everyday life?

1. I need to be Jo that takes daily exercise. I need to make sure I don’t let my routine slip, working out helps me to clear my mind and re-calibrate

2. I need to be Jo with Focus. I have two pages of A4 as my list of things to do for September! I’ll take three things a day off that list and get them done. I will decide the night before what three things I’m doing the next day, this will help me be calmer in the morning.

3. I need to be a Jo with discipline. Scrolling through social media does not make me calm!

What is your word for this month? How are you going to BE so you really can embody that word and feel the benefit?

Let’s make this a September to Remember!