Could This be the Reason You Are So Tired?

“I’m through obsessing about how I look or what other people think about me. I am finished living for everyone else. I want to break free from these chains”

I took the passage above from Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by the awesome Dr Joe Dispenza, he’s taking about midlife which he describes as “the time for facing feelings and letting go of illusions.”
The illusions he refers to are the behaviours and material things that we think make us happy, but that are actually covering up who we really are and how we are feeling. Many of us are afraid that if we show up as who we are we will lose the jobs, relationships, friendships that we have worked so hard to build up over the years, but being who we really are is actually the joy we seek and we have been replacing it over the years with people and things. We start to realise that nothing outside of us can ever make us happy, nothing in our environment is going to ‘fix’ the way we feel. 
I believe that our menopause is a time of awakening, it’s a profound time in our lives and we are being nudged or even forced to tell the truth to ourselves about who we really are. This is not easy, it takes courage and vulnerability to truly look inward at ourselves, unravel our patterns of behaviour and discover who were really are. 
Our futile attempt to keep others happy by not being true to ourself is exhausting. One of the main symptoms of the perimenopause is lack of energy and extreme tiredness, could these symptoms be caused by more than just a drop in oestrogen?