Covid-19 Day 27

Yesterday I felt productive for the first time since the UK lockdown 27 days ago. I am defiantly adjusting to my new circumstances, but I can also credit my oestrogen levels for putting me in a better space. ⠀

Since the first day of my last period, 14 days ago my oestrogen has been slowly rising and it has now reached its monthly peak.⠀
I know I’m not alone when I say that my mood and my energy levels have been up and down over the past few weeks and that, disturbingly, control of my life has been put into the hands of someone else. But the one thing I do still have control over is understanding the link between my hormones and my mental and physical wellbeing. Understanding this connection means I can show myself compassion as I recognise the monthly patterns of how I am feeling. ⠀
Many of you may be experiencing an erratic cycle due to pressures imposed by the current situation, but in the mix of this global pandemic and my menopause, I am still cycling. Luckily for me, mother nature chose this particular month to give me a much-needed boost of oestrogen, more than I have felt in previous months. ⠀
Our hormones fluctuate naturally each month and that is our menstrual cycle. I know that from now until I next bleed, my oestrogen will naturally decline and along with it my positive outlook and my increased energy. In ten days or so my progesterone will start to kick in, the more calming hormone and the hormone responsible for protecting a pregnancy or if that doesn’t happen, triggering a bleed. ⠀
Over the next few weeks, I’ll be able to tell whether or not it was just the oestrogen putting me a good mood or my adjustment to this slower and more confined way of life. ⠀
In these highly stressful times, I can’t advocate enough the benefit of getting a grip of your hormonal cycle. Understanding your monthly natural highs and lows will be a valuable tool as we navigate the future, it will help you be kinder to yourself, and who doesn’t want that? 
Hoping you & yours are safe and well, Jo 🙏.⠀