Day Seven

So, I’m not quite sure what is going on.   Last week, after sixty-seven days I started to bleed. My mood lifted instantly and after two days of very light bleeding, the bleeding stopped. I still had a dull ache in my lower abdomen, I was still exhausted and my boobs, especially my nipples, were ridiculously tender. This carried on for the next few days, I was having all the normal symptoms of a period, but I wasn’t bleeding. ⠀

 On day five, my armpits started to smell like chicken noodle soup and my hair became unusually greasy. ⠀
On day six I started to bleed again albeit it very lightly, but the dull abdominal ache turned into proper period pain and I had a couple of bouts of diarrhoea. ⠀
Day seven I had a proper bleed with no pain no weird armpit smells, and boobs back to robust normality.  Next update day fourteen.