Day Twenty-One

It’s day twenty-one and time for the next instalment of my perimenopausal cycle.⠀
On day fifteen my bleeding finally stopped and I de-bloated. I instantly lost 2kg and felt full of energy. ⠀
On day seventeen, I felt a bit horny – haven’t felt that in a while, it didn’t last!⠀
Day eighteen I started to get a dull ache and a twinge in my lower abdomen which made me think that maybe another bleed was imminent. It wasn’t. ⠀
Days twenty and twenty-one I noticed an unfamiliar smell in my armpits, not my usual PMS chicken soup smell, but a sweet, musty smell, I was very short-tempered and my energy levels plummeted. Legs back to being dead weights and I’ve slept badly the past two nights.
On the plus side, bloating has not come back and my appetite has decreased dramatically. This would indicate that I’m ovulating….. or not?!⠀
Next update day twenty-eight.⠀