Don’t Underestimate Water

We all need to drink water to be healthy, energised and to get rid of excess bloat. It’s counterintuitive, but we actually have to drink water to get rid of water. If we don’t drink enough water, our bodies will think we are in danger of dehydration and hold on to fluid, causing water retention and bloating. ⠀

Drinking water keeps our metabolism active and helps to break down and absorb nutrients. Keeping hydrated is one of the best things we can do for our body, mind, skin, hair and mood. ⠀
Sometimes we can think we are hungry but actually we are thirsty. Try a glass of water before reaching for a biscuit or a bag of Hula Hoops – #guiltypleasure ⠀
Water helps keep our joints lubricated, protects our organs, regulates our temperature, stabilises our heartbeat, aids our digestion and flushes bacteria and toxins out of our system. And then there are the beauty benefits: your skin will look more plump, fresh, and bright when you’re well-hydrated and at this time of menopause transition when everything is naturally drying out, we need to keep ourselves well watered. ⠀
Everyone’s water levels are different, but the NHS guidelines for women state we should be drinking 1.2 litres of water a day, so how do we build that into our daily routine? Have a glass of water by the bed and on waking, before looking at the phone, drink! Carry a refillable water bottle, and eat or snack on hydrating food, tomatoes, cucumber watermelon, and radishes all have a high water content. A glass of water an hour over eight hours is what we should be aiming for. ⠀
Drinking water is simple, cheap and thankfully, for us, readily available. It is one of the best things you can do for your wellbeing and staying hydrated is all part of self-care.🙏⠀
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