Emotional Amnesty

I am deep into my perimenopause and my cycle is becoming more and more erratic as is my mood. I’m not ovulating regularly, so I’m not producing oestrogen, the mother of all hormones and the hormone responsible for a mood boost in the middle of our cycle that pumps us with positivity and motivation. 

Without my oestrogen my mood has flatlined to angry and irritable and my energy has hit the floor, my inner critic is running amok and bringing me down even more. The past two weeks have been tough, being around people has been really hard. I’m triggered by pretty much everything they say and do. 
The longer this mood continues the more I become internally reactive to the innocent day to day comings and goings of those around me and the more important it is that I remember these wise words from @mariannewilliamson, “The key to harmonious relationships is to remember that other people do not owe it to us to see things the way we see things or act the way that we think they should act. The only person who’s thoughts and behaviours we should be monitoring are our own.”
So I am calling an emotional amnesty for myself towards others. I am cutting myself slack for my reactive thoughts and doing my best not to judge others for being themselves. Like all of us, my true and authentic self is patient, loving, kind and understanding. And like many of us during our monthly cycle and/or our perimenopause, my mood is at the mercy of my hormonal ebbs and flows. But because I track my cycle, I am aware of these fluctuations and I know that I am not going mad, or I am a bad person. Awareness is the key to compassion. 
Are you tracking your cycle? How’s your mood? Do you need to call an emotional amnesty?