Energy vs The Voice of Doom

During our menopause transition, one of the most common and debilitating, universal symptoms is a drop in our energy levels. And when we are feeling depleted one of the worst things we can do is to listen to the negative voice in our head and start comparing ourselves to others.

Listening to our inner critic raises our stress levels and depletes our energy even more.

It doesn’t matter if you know women who are sleeping well, not gaining weight, keeping a lid on their anger, not suffering from hot flushes, not having relationship issues, not coping with elderly parents, IT DOESN’T MATTER.

Comparing our lives to other people’s serves us no purpose, and you know what? We really don’t know what is going on for them, is their life or menopause really that perfect? My guess is probably not. And is our life so bad? My guess is probably not. 
So when we feel ourselves falling into the abyss of comparison or about to throw a pity party for one, what can we do? Firstly recognise that we are doing it and then start thinking or doing something else. 
Have you noticed that when you are having fun how much more energy you have? Feelings and experiences of joy and happiness naturally invigorate us.

So what does fun mean to you? For me it’s writing, reading or listening to something inspirational or funny, texting/calling or meeting a friend, getting something booked in my diary. Donating money, or treating someone always raises my energy as does exercise, meditation or taking a few minutes to list 10 things I’m grateful for. Anything that distracts me from the voice of doom going round and round inside my head. 
We need to train and remind ourselves to focus on OUR wellbeing, OUR happiness and OUR menopause experience and not fritter away our precious energy with negative self-talk or by comparing ourselves and our lives to what we perceive to be the perfect lives of others. 🙏🏻