Exercise, Detoxification and Belly Fat

During this time in our midlife, it is important that we break down and eliminate excess oestrogen from our body. If we allow excess oestrogen to build up it causes oestrogen dominance, which results in weight gain, cellulite, fluid retention and bloating. A dominance of oestrogen makes our liver sluggish and it then stores fat. This combined with bloating results in a deep visceral fat store, the extra fat around our middle, the common menopausal belly. ⠀

Our body naturally detoxes, but it can always do with some extra help and exercise is an important part of the natural detoxification of our system. When we move our body we allow our body to breath, stretch and sweat. Exercise revs up our organs of elimination helping them to work more efficiently and effectively to filter and expel toxins and excess hormones from our system. ⠀
Drinking water is essential for flushing out unwanted toxins, fat and waste and to avoid dehydration. To aid the natural detoxification process you should be well hydrated before your exercise rather then re-hydrating after exercise.⠀
If you are noticing an extra bit of stubborn weight around our middle, reduce the toxins you are putting into your body, drink loads of water and get moving. We need to help our body to help us through this time of transition.