Goddesses Never Age
Dr Christiane Northrup

Goddesses Never Age Dr Christiane Northrup


As Christiane Northrup MD shows us in this profoundly empowering book, we have it in us to make growing older an entirely different experience, for both our bodies and our souls. 
In chapters that blend personal stories and practical exercises with the latest research on health and ageing, Dr Northrup lays out the principles of ageless living, from rejecting processed foods to releasing stuck emotions, from embracing our sensuality to connecting deeply with our Divine Source. 
Explaining that the state of our health is dictated far more by our beliefs than by our biology, she works to shift our perceptions about getting older and show us what we are entitled to expect from our later years – no matter what our culture tries to teach us to the contrary – including: · Vibrant good health · A fulfilling sex life · The capacity to love without losing ourselves · The ability to move our bodies with ease and joy · Clarity and authenticity in all our relationships-especially the one we have with ourselves And she brings it all together in a 14-day Ageless Goddess Programme, offering tools and inspiration for creating a healthful and soulful new way of being at any stage of life.

Why This Book?

Because I believe that we can live happy and fulfilling lives pre and post-menopause if we choose to not buy into social conditioning, listen to our bodies changing and make the lifestyle changes that will help to manage our symptoms. 
Dr Northrup’s medical background mixed with her deep love of spirituality continually blows my mind. She raises awareness of the innate power that we all have within ourselves to heal and be happy, rather than relying on modern medicine to take away our pain and discomfort. 

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