It’s Never Too Late To Start Loving Yourself

We should be a priority, our health and wellbeing should be our priority. More often than not we don’t pay enough attention to how we are treating ourselves and we put the wellbeing of others well before our own. ⠀

But there is a price to pay for what we consider to be caring for others. By neglecting ourselves, when we reach this life-changing, transitional stage in our lives we discover our adrenals are burnt out, our liver is struggling and we are mentally exhausted. Our systems can’t support us through this hormonal change, because we haven’t taken the time to take care of ourselves. ⠀⠀
It’s too late to go back to our 20s and 30s and prepare ourselves for our 40s and 50s, BUT if we give ourselves the time, attention and love that we so need and that we so deserve, we can prepare ourselves for a healthy and happy 60s,70s and 80s and possibly 90s and beyond….⠀
It’s never too late to start loving yourself and putting yourself first. You are SO worth it. Repeat until it sinks in!