Supporting the wellbeing of your workforce


Do the Leaders and Line managers within your organisation know what the menopause is? What the symptoms are and how to recognise them?


Do they have the right skills in place to be able to talk to and support members of their team who may be trying to cope with their menopause and manage their workload?


Lack of knowledge or empathy surrounding the menopause is not a gap in their learning, it’s a subject that hasn’t been openly discussed, until now!


It’s important to educate your leaders and managers so your workforce knows they are supported. Open lines of communication around health and wellbeing keep employees engaged and prevent the risk of tribunal or loss of valuable people.


This education can be adapted and delivered to suit your organisational needs and can also be delivered via video call.

                                                        £650 per half day

                                                                      + expenses & development time

"I loved the way in which Jo made clear sense of an overwhelmingly complex stage of a woman’s life. Jo makes people feel very at ease, which isn’t often easy when talking about the perceived unmentionables. I was amazed how open our members were as a result of Jo being there and leading the conversation."
Emily Sheridan
Team Talk For Corporates
"As part of our Wellness scheme, we invited Jo to host a lunch and learn session in our office to help educate the team and destigmatise the menopause and the importance of cycle tracking. The session was informative and inspirational and sparked a lot of discussion and provided useful and practical information."
Tom Bayliss
We Are Social