Your Menopause starts before your periods stop

What every women needs to know about her Perimenopause and Menopause. 


A 60 minute live and interactive Masterclass and Q&A      


THURSDAY 2nd DECEMBER @7.30PM (GMT)          


Do you want a Merry Menopause and a Merry Christmas?

The best Christmas present you can give yourself is an understanding of how to prepare and manage your Perimenopause.


Join me LIVE on Thursday 2nd December at 7.30pm (GMT)

Are you feeling in the dark or overwhelmed about Menopause?

Are you still having periods but noticing they are changing in frequency and length? Changes to your energy, sleep, mood, libido?


Are you ignoring these signs because you think the Menopause is something that happens in your 50s?

EVERY woman will have a Menopause, it is not an illness and it can not be cured, but with knowledge and preparation, it can be managed.

In this masterclass you will learn:

  • What is the Perimenopause and the Menopause
  • How to spot the signs that your hormones are shifting and your Menopause transition is starting
  • How to manage the transition and your symptoms
  • The fundamentals of menstrual cycle tracking, which I believe is the key to a Merry Menopause


You will leave the masterclass

  • Informed. You will have a total understanding of this natural hormonal transition. 
  • Empowered. You will have the knowledge you need to understand and manage your mental and physical wellbeing during your menopause transition.
  • Enlightened. Your Menopause is nothing to be scared of if you are prepared for it.
  • Able to step into the Festive season and 2022 with a positive mindset. Not only will you be equipped for a Merry Menopause, you will also be equipped for a Merry Christmas.  

You will also receive 2 downloadable pdf’s with your booking confirmation.

  • Menopause Symptom Checker 
  • Daily Menstrual Cycle Tracker 

Limited tickets are £25 + booking fee

Can’t make the date but still want the knowledge?

All attendees will receive a link to the Zoom recording of the masterclass.

Any questions or hesitations, please get in touch at 

What People Are Saying

“I found Jo’s Masterclass to be so insightful. She gave us lots of really useful information about cycle tracking and possible symptoms to be aware of (beyond the stigma of hot flushes!!).


I came away with some great tips about planning my social activities and my workload around my cycle, which made total sense to me, and something I will be trying!”


Vicky, 33, Hove

I attended Jo’s masterclass about Peri Menopause last week and found it really informative. She laid out the information clearly and in a matter of fact way that made total sense.


This can be such a difficult time for every woman (me included) so hearing what constitutes as “normal” was reassuring.


Jo is super easy to listen to – she is friendly, bubbly, and while the topic can be relatively “heavy” – she made it fun and interactive. I thoroughly  enjoyed the 60 minutes,  and I learnt a lot about the simple things we can do for self care. I hope she does more to keep us all connected.


Sandra, 49,  Dorset

“Jo has such enthusiasm and passion to educate us all (men and women alike) on the importance and power of understanding the stages of a women’s cycle.

I found the Masterclass to be highly enjoyable and informative and wish I had been taught this stuff at school. 

I learnt how to plan my month to my advantage and know when it’s ok to stop and listen to my body and when it’s ok to go for it! This is especially important as I head into the peri-menopausal years, which now feels a lot less daunting. Thanks Jo!”

Emma, 42, London

Your Menopause is a change of life, make it life changing

I look forward to meeting you