Me & My Menopausal Vagina by
Jane Lewis

Me & My Menopausal Vagina Jane Lewis


One women’s journey of menopause and vaginal atrophy. Written in collaboration with her daughter in a `tongue in cheek’ way to help break taboos of vaginal atrophy.


This book is informative, serious, tear-jerking and guaranteed to make you laugh.


Through this book you’ll learn the hidden secrets of menopause aimed to help you during your own experiences, informing women, men and health professionals of all ages.

Why This Book?

I went to see Jane Lewis talk about her own experience that led her to write this book. Whilst listening to her speak I knew I had to read it, and once I’d read it I knew I had to share it, it’s a book every woman should read.
We are so aware of the physical signs of ageing, but we are ill-informed about the internal side of ageing. Our vaginas age and we need to look after them so that we can hopefully avoid incontinence and continue to have an enjoyable and painless sex life.
I have started to suffer from external itching around my vulva, I assumed it was thrush. It isn’t, it’s a symptom of vaginal atrophy.
I now moisturise daily with a chemical-

free cream recommended by Jane in the book. I look after my ageing vulva with as much care as I do my face. Without this book, I most probably would have ignored the itching and when it got unbearable, have gone to my GP and quite possibly been prescribed Canesten, which would temporarily help the itching but then what? The long term consequences of applying the wrong product to such a sensitive area are not worth thinking about.
Read this book, get to know your vulva, and get to know any symptoms which could be the beginning of a bigger problem. You can then be armed with the information you need to take action and ensure you get the correct treatment

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