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Lunch & Learn

The Menopause is not a choice, EVERY WOMAN will experience it. I want to help women understand this natural transition and how to the work with it, accept it and embrace it, it’s a powerful part of who they are and it won’t go away.


During this informal presentation, I’ll explain clearly the stages and symptoms of the Perimenopause and the Menopause and how the symptoms can be managed.

To help women prepare for their Menopause, I explain the power of their menstrual cycle. We are led to believe that it is a painful and unwanted inconvenience. It is the total opposite. By understanding the real truth of their cycle and the information it contains, a woman can plan her life and her work around the natural ebbs and flows of her hormones and better understand her body as she begins her Menopause transition.


Let me deliver an overview to your organisation of what exactly the Menopause and the Perimenopause are. Learn to understand the link between having a Merry Menopause and understanding your Menstrual Cycle.


The Lunch & Learn format can be adapted to suit your organisation and can  be delivered via video call. I actively encourage it to be accessible to all ages and genders.

"Jo has been amazing. We have set up a menopause support group at Odgers and Jo was on a Zoom call I arranged to provide advice, guidance and a little bit of inspiration! The conversation flowed and despite being a virtual meeting the positivity from Jo shone through and gave us all the boost we needed. Thanks so much!"
Sarah Shaw
Odgers Intermim
"As part of our Wellness scheme, we invited Jo to host a lunch and learn session in our office to help educate the team and destigmatise the menopause and the importance of cycle tracking. The session was informative & inspirational & sparked a lot of discussion and provided useful and practical information."
Tom Bayliss
We Are Social