Period Power
Masie Hill

Period Power Masie Hill


The hormones of the menstrual cycle profoundly influence our energy, mood and behaviour, but all too often we’re taught that our hormones make us unreliable, moody bitches, or that it’s our lot in life to put up with ‘women’s problems’. 
Maisie Hill, a women’s health practitioner, knows the power of working with the menstrual cycle and refuses to accept this theory. Instead, Maisie believes that our hormones are there to serve us and if utilised correctly, can be used to help you get what you want out of life. Yes, we are hormonal, and that’s a very good thing.
This revolutionary book reveals everything you need to know about taking control of your menstrual cycle and outlines The Cycle Strategy to help us perform at our best, throughout our cycle. In Period Power you will discover how to:
– maximise your natural superpowers each month while making adjustments for the darker days, and use Maisie’s favourite tips to improve them
– identify your personal patterns, powers and pitfalls for each phase of the menstrual cycle
-plan your month to perform at your best in all aspects of your life
figure out if you have a hormonal imbalance and what to do about it.
Period Power is a no-nonsense guide with all the tools you need to improve your menstrual health. 

Why This Book?

Menstrual cycle tracking changed my life. The impact it has had on my physical and mental health has been huge. I am now in control of my hormones and how I feel and behave. 
I want every woman to realise how simple the process of cycle tracking is, and the power and control it gives them over their lives. 
Period Power is a women’s health bible. The information contained in this book on how your body works WILL CHANGE OUR LIFE, BELIEVE ME!

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