Sixty Seven Days

This week I started to bleed, it had been 67 days since my last period. I’d hoped I was well on my way to a clear year of periods that would put me postmenopause, but at 49 that was wishful thinking.

I’ve had two and a half months of ‘phantom’ symptoms. I’ve ovulated and had PMS symptoms so I’m still producing oestrogen, but I think I’ve had two, maybe three anovulatory periods, where I’ve had a cycle but not bled, so my progesterone is very, very low. 
Last week I bloated out, got a corker of a spot on the left side of my face (so my right ovary was doing it’s thing) and my energy levels hit the floor. Monday I was flat as a pancake, both physically and mentally. I couldn’t see the positive in anything or anybody. I had to try and sort a new washing machine, but it became so overwhelming I ditched it. I put all my dirty clothes in a bag and threw them in the spare room. This is so unlike me, not only am I pretty proactive, but I also have a real OCD about housekeeping. But I just couldn’t be arsed to deal with anything or anybody least of all a bag of festering washing.
Although knackered, a dull pain in my lower abdomen, a hatred of the world around me and craving Dairy Milk, I still didn’t feel that a bleed was imminent. So I was surprised when I went to the toilet yesterday morning and found blood when I wiped.
My flow on day one was light and my mood was even lighter. What a difference 24 hours and a bleed make? I’m in love with myself and the world again, I’m no longer in overwhelm and I’ve organised a new washing machine to arrive tomorrow. Although I’m still pretty tired – not unusual at all for the first couple of days of bleeding – I’ve cut myself some slack and Instead of craving sugar, I’m after hot and spicy. 
Who knows how long this period will last, how it will be flow and pain and energy-wise, but I’ll keep you posted. How erratic is our cycle? What changes have you noticed? However you are feeling, know that you are not alone.