Stop Apologising

Do you talk openly to your friends and family about your periods and your perimenopause? Or do you find yourself constantly apologising and making yourself wrong because of how you look, feel, or react at certain times in your cycle?

For generations, we have been miseducated when it comes to our periods and our menopause. Shame and embarrassment have been on the curriculum over empowerment and freedom. We are not taught that our hormones are integral to how we function as women. We are not taught how to understand and work with our cycle and our perimenopause to make our lives easier, not harder.
We need to re-condition ourselves and learn how to recognise the different parts of us that show up during our cycle. By doing that we can start to openly express how our hormones are making us think and feel. Those emotions surface for a reason and we need to go deeper to understand what triggers them, how to feel them not dismiss them, and how to deal with who or what has caused our reaction.
We need to stop saying ‘sorry, my period is due, sorry, I’ve got my period, sorry it’s the menopause.’ We need to brave and honest and not make excuses for how we are feeling. The more we blame moments of anger, sadness, irritability on our period/menopause the more we facilitate the negative stigma surrounding female hormonal health. 
Our cyclical highs and lows are powerful and we need to start making choices based on our biological rhythms without apologising or feeling any shame.