Taking Control

Menstrual cycle tracking is keeping a note each day of how you are feeling. You can use an app for this, but I would recommend recording the information in a dedicated notebook or your daily journal. As you progress you will start to access amazing information about yourself and how you function mentally and physically.⠀

Day 1 of your cycle is the day you start bleeding, not spotting, but bleeding heavily enough to warrant using sanitary protection. You don’t have to wait for the first day of your period to start tracking, start today! Even if you have no idea where you are in your cycle, just start gathering the information and eventually your cycle will catch up with you and you will start to see patterns.⠀
Start by writing down one word a day that encompasses how you are feeling, happy, sad, tired, energised, but I encourage you to go a bit further, how was your appetite? Your sex drive? Your interactions with others? Were you feeling sociable? Were you in a mood for learning? Did you want an adventure or did you want to stay close to home? Record as much as you can and once you’ve worked it out the day of your cycle that you are on.⠀
By tracking your cycle you’ll be able to predict your moods and your behaviours. You’ll move from meltdowns and misery to kindness and compassion for yourself, and you’ll be in the driver’s seat for your health and your life. At a time when control has been taken away from us, this is your opportunity to take control of your wellbeing. ⠀
We can break our cycle down into four seasons, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring and I’ll be explaining each one, you’ll be fascinated by what they reveal about you, and how you can harness the power of your cycle. Click here to start reading more