Testosterone and the Perimenopause

Testosterone is NOT a male hormone, us girls produce it as well, just in smaller amounts. From puberty, androgens or male hormones are produced in equal amounts in both our adrenals and our ovaries and a lesser amount by hormones in our bloodstream. Testosterone helps to build and maintain muscle and bone density. It is also key when it comes to motivation, energy and libido.

In our forties, as our ovaries start to slow down, the amount of androgens they produce starts to decline, and eventually, our testosterone levels are half of what they were in or twenties. The two most common symptoms linked to this drop are lack of “get up and go” and a reduction in our sex drive and desire.

The good news is that Postmenopause, our sex drive can increase and there are many reasons for this; a new, fresh outlook on life, possibly a new relationship and a newfound sexual freedom with no risk of getting pregnant; and/or as oestrogen levels decrease our testosterone becomes more dominant, we’re not necessarily producing more, but in relation to our lowered oestrogen the balance has shifted. So it’s time to put away the scrabble board, embrace this new chapter in our lives and get back out there!