The 3am Wee

Kay “My son has taken to staying out till 3 am, even during the week.”

Me “That means he’s getting in just as I’m getting up to have my first wee of the night!”
Oh how we laughed, and we didn’t wee ourselves! But getting up in the night is a right pain and as we know disturbed sleep has a big impact on mental and physical health. ⠀
Nocturia – the official name for waking up in the night with a full bladder – is not just for old men with prostate issues, its very common amongst midlife women.⠀
It can be a sign of an underlying kidney or bladder infection, a weak pelvic floor, or an effect of naturally declining oestrogen. In many cases, you’ll be relieved to know it’s as simple as drinking too much fluid before going to bed, especially caffeine and alcohol. ⠀
This week I’ve been on an Ayurvedic cleanse to try and clear some nasty eczema on my eyes which has come out of nowhere (but I’ll write more about that another time) and I’ve not had my one, much loved, daily coffee for four days. Although I made the quip above to my friend, four days without caffeine has meant I’ve had four wee free nights and four nights of being blissfully asleep at 3 am.
I assumed I had a healthy relationship with caffeine, just one, strong black coffee mid-morning, but I was wrong, even that small amount was enough to put my adrenals into overdrive and push unnecessary cortisone into my system. I’m Sorry caffeine, it’s not you, it’s me, I’ve realised I’m much more in love with sleep that I am with you, we’re over. ⠀