The Hot Topic
Christa D'Souza

Christa D'Souza The Hot Topic


There has never been a better time to be a menopausal woman. Technology is such that 60 really is the new 40 (or even 35)…
But for Christa D’Souza, some nagging questions remain… What is the point of us now that we are officially biologically irrelevant? Are hormones safe, even if you’ve had cancer? Is there a cut-off point for plaits?
In this fabulously confessional romp through the menopause, D’Souza tells us what it was like for her, and what it will be like for you.  She meets a bunch of menopausal nuns in San Francisco, goes hunter-gathering with the Hadza tribe in Tanzania, interviews experts around the world to get the latest science…and discovers along the way some surprising silver linings to this key milestone of maturity.  
The Hot Topic is a treat of a book – liberating, empowering and unexpectedly moving in its truth-telling. 

Why This Book?

A lighthearted, heartwarming and fact-based journey through a woman’s perimenopause and menopause. 


There was so much I could relate to about my own hormonal journey and also some great science-based research that I found enlightening, especially the nuns!

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