The Merry Menopause is One Year Old

On International Women’s day 2019, I stopped overthinking my idea for an online community and support network and I bought and registered The Merry Menopause domain. I set myself up on Instagram and Facebook and announced to anyone that would listen, that what had been going round and round in my head for months, was now actually a thing.

I had no content, no website but I knew I had to do something to raise awareness to the menopause transition and the issues surrounding the mental and physical health issues we face as midlife women. ⠀⠀

A year later, I’m still here, I’m still growing and I’m not just online. I’m getting involved with events and I’m taking The Merry Menopause into businesses to raise awareness of menopause and menstruality.
I’ve got a couple of publishing ideas swilling around my head – which I’m obviously overthinking and should just get on and do – and as my journey changes so does that of The Merry Menopause.⠀
On our first birthday, I want to thank all the amazing women that make up this community. All the incredible women in my life that continue to support me and tell me that I can and I will. To all the other #menovists doing amazing work raising awareness, changing laws and putting women’s health out there into the world and not hiding it away.⠀