Try This…

To avoid pain during intercourse at any age we need adequate lubrication. Lack of natural lubrication doesn’t mean a lack of sexual interest or response, some women produce a lot of fluid when aroused and others not so much.

Oestrogen is a lubricant and as our natural oestrogen levels start to decline during our perimenopause, we can start to experience changes in our vagina and our vulva.
The entrance to the vagina can start to tighten and the vaginal walls start to thin. The tissue in the vulva and clitoris can shrink which can impact sensation and make orgasm harder to reach, and sex can become painful. Although not ideal, these changes are COMPLETELY NORMAL and happen to many women, if this is happening to you, you have NOTHING to be embarrassed about. The good news is that in many cases these issues can be sorted quickly and easily.
If your own natural lubrication isn’t enough to take away discomfort during sex then try a lubricant, they can transform your sex life at any age, but they come into their own when we are experiencing dryness, tightness or have a well-endowed partner. Apply lubricants to your partner, sex toys and internally and externally to your vulva and vagina, this simple addition can transform your sex life and take away pain and discomfort. 
When choosing a lubricant make sure you choose a product that is free from fragrance, glycerin, parabens and other irritants as these ingredients can exacerbate dryness and increase or cause itching of this highly sensitive area, check out Sylk and Yes Organics. As always, please seek medical advice if your symptoms are severe or ongoing. 🙏🏻
If you want to know about lubricants and how dilators and vibrators can enhance your sex life you can catch up on my Instagram Live from this week with @samtalkssex co-founder of Jo Divine