Want to Reclaim Your Sex Life?

Sex shouldn’t be a chore, something that needs to go on our to-do list along with shopping, cleaning, ironing, it shouldn’t be a ‘to-do’ packaged into the daily grind of things we feel pressured to get done. 

If you want to ignite your sex life or sexual urges which may be depleting you need to make time for you and your pleasure, whether this be with a partner or with yourself. 
As women, we need to find the courage to put ourselves first. Our menopause is about reclaiming our sense of self, and for many of us, that also means reclaiming our sex life. We need to be brave enough to say no to the constant requests that deplete our energy and take away our time. Making ourselves a priority isn’t always easy, but it is so flippin’ important.
But why are we putting everybody else first? Why are we letting our physical and mental health decline, yet we are supporting everyone else to ensure their wellbeing?? Being a good mother, daughter, partner, friend doesn’t mean you have to be the dumping ground for everybody else’s problems or that you have to take on the mantel of being carer, therapist, cook, cleaner, taxi driver etc., 
It’s hard to break these patterns because we feel guilty saying ‘no,’ but it’s something we need to practice and over time become more comfortable with. Those closest to us may resist at first, but they will applaud us for putting in boundaries when they start to see a positive change, us becoming happier, healthier and more energised.
We need time, space and freedom to experience pleasure and to honour our desires, guilt serves no purpose here. By doing so, all our relationships will reap the benefit. Make time for yourself, make time for your pleasure and if you desire it, make time for sex.