You, Me and the
Space between us
Matt and Sarah Davies


When we meet someone and fall in love, everything seems easy at first. But Matt and Sarah Davies, relationship counsellors and husband and wife, know better than most that relationships take work.

Whether you’ve been married for decades or are just starting out, this illuminating book will give you the tools to maintain a supportive, stable relationship.

Matt and Sarah show us that all relationships involve a third body: the space between us, which needs to be nourished, nurtured and taken care of.

Covering topics such as boundaries, communication, conflict, resolution, desire and sense of self, Matt and Sarah provide expert advice on how to build trust, intimacy and love.

Why This Book?

During our Menopause transition we can question our relationship with ourselves, our friends and our significant others. For many of us all our relationships come into question, which is why I chose this book for The Merry Menopause Bookclub podcast Season 7

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