Your Adrenals and Your Menopause

Our body is designed to deal with a certain level of stress, and it does that with the support of our adrenal glands. Our adrenals produce and secrete cortisol, the ‘fight or flight’ hormone, which helps us respond to both internal and external stresses and then calm down again. ⠀

But the other major job of our adrenals is to help support us hormonally through the menopause transition. As our ovaries naturally start to produce less and less of our sex hormones oestrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, it’s the job of the adrenals to start producing increased levels of these hormones to ease the transition from perimenopause into menopause and through to postmenopause. It is the intervention of healthy adrenals that can really help to minimise some of the major symptoms of the perimenopause – sleep disruption, low energy levels, fat around the middle – are just a few. ⠀
If we reach our 40s and our adrenals are already compromised because we have overworked them, they won’t be able to give us the crucial help we need by backing up the hormonal decline from our ovaries.⠀
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