Your pelvic floor by Kim Vopni


This is the first pelvic floor health book aimed at ALL women, including trans women, outlining the importance of understanding your pelvic floor and how it impacts on overall health, fitness and wellbeing for life – not just around pregnancy and childbirth.

This book outlines symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, and shows you how to fix them.

  • What is pelvic organ prolapse which 50% of women will experience and can it be prevented?
  • Urinary incontinence is treatable with physio. Women on average suffer symptoms for 7 years before going to a healthcare professional which has a huge effect on mental health.
  • Pelvic floor issues are often only talked about in relation to pregnancy and childbirth. This is not just a ”mum issue”: high impact exercise (running, HIIT, CrossFit) affect the pelvic floor. Young athletes/gymnasts who have never had children are highly likely to suffer from incontinence.

Women should not accept dysfunction as a ”normal part of being a woman”, but instead need to prioritize their pelvic floor health – this book shows that it is never too early and, crucially, never too late to do so.

Why This Book?

I chose Your Pelvic Floor as the Bookclub pick for February 2023 and also to have Kim as my guest on Season 7 of The Merry Menopause Bookclub Podcast 

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