Another Lockdown Birthday

I am a proud mother, The Merry Menopause was two this week on March 8th, she shares her birthday with International Women’s Day (IWD) and that is no coincidence. 

I am embarrassed to say that she had the most unromantic conception during a cold wet January in 2019. I had been for a dog walk with a friend to brainstorm an idea I had buzzing around inside, and a couple of weeks later “The Merry Menopause” popped into my head. Ping! She had been created.

Fast forward, to March 8th 2019 after a 3 month gestation period of overthinking and self doubt, I am in a coffee shop with no idea that TMM’s birth is imminent. It dawned on me that, International Women’s Day would be the perfect day to bring her into the world, it was a very quick labour. I had no content, no website and no real idea as to what TMM would be but I had high hopes.

She burst onto the scene in a blaze of yellow so she would deliberately catch the eye of those women who were thinking about their Menopause differently. Women who are choosing to tune into it, acknowledge it, and make friends with it rather than see it as the enemy coming to take them down. Women like you and me.

TMM and I are not medical professionals, but we love to read and research and talk to experts. It’s amazing how much information is available to us if only we go looking for it, but we appreciate that many women just don’t have the time to do that, so we do it for them because we love it, we are their curators of information.

TMM is not a material girl, the best birthday gift for her would be if collectively we could get as many women as possible to know that they truly can have a MERRY MENOPAUSE. Happy Birthday Baby, I’m proud of you