Be Prepared, Not Scared

The menopause is not an illness. It cannot be cured. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH US.⠀

Every woman, if she lives long enough, will go through the menopause, that’s 51% of the population (and the other 49% experiencing it by proxy).⠀
There is no need to see the menopause as the end of life as we know it, but instead, it is the beginning of a new and powerful chapter. But in order to harness the power of this new stage of our lives, we need to be well informed of the physical and mental changes that may or may not manifest for us. We need to educate ourselves so we can be aware of the symptoms – anxiety, depression, brain fog, low libido, weight gain, disturbed sleep – to name a few. ⠀
But more importantly, we need to wake up to the enormous impact our lifestyle has on how we cope with this transition. Now is the time to clean up our act and recognise the importance and huge benefit of a healthy diet, regular exercise and stress management, they all have a key role in how we manage our symptoms and how we feel.⠀
If you are prepared, the menopause is nothing to be scared of. It is a wake-up call for self-care, self-love and self-respect. Answer that call. 🙏