Be your own oracle

Sex and the City aired in the UK in 1999. Then I was a single girl working for a Corporate, living a life of emotional ups and downs not too dissimilar – albeit less glamorous – to the SATC girls, but still very relatable.

Forward 22 years and I’m re-watching, as a single woman in her 50s on her third and most fulfilling career to date as a Coach. It’s still relatable, still relevant and still thought-provoking. There are the odd toe-curling moments that haven’t stood the test of time as awareness and tolerance of behaviours and boundaries have changed over the years, testament to how far we have come as women.

In ep2 of S2, Carrie witnesses the abusive treatment of guest character Susan by her husband. Susan seeks Carrie’s advice about what she would do in her situation, Carrie says she would leave.

Initially delighted by her friend’s advice and her bravery leaving her bully of a husband, Susan starts to doubt her decision and blames Carrie for the break up of her marriage. She goes round in circles and her lack of self-trust makes her desperate enough to seek the answer from Henry, the incontinent puppy of an exasperated Charlotte.

As a woman, I see why Carrie gave the advice she did, as a Coach I knew she had made a big mistake.

Coaching is all about moving clients forward, helping them find the answers within and it’s relevant to all areas of our lives. Relationships, work, health, fitness, career, parenting and when I coach women to have a better experience of their Menopause transition, we take a holistic approach and usually all or most of these areas come up.

Unlike Carrie, as Coaches, we don’t give you the answers, we give you something much more beneficial than that, we guide you to dig deep and become your own Oracle. A skill that will lead you to long term change rather than quick regrettable fixes.

“Telling a friend to leave her husband is something you just don’t do.”- Now that’s good coaching Miranda 😊