Did You Know That You Are Always Detoxing?

Toxins are everywhere in our environment, so detoxification is an ongoing process. To support our bodies we need to make the effort to reduce our toxic load on a daily basis. 

Detoxification is the cleansing of the internal organs of the body from excess hormones, environmental pollutants, harmful bacteria, toxic substances which include alcohol and nicotine – and natural waste. The organs of detoxification include the colon, liver, lungs, kidneys, skin and lymph glands.⠀
Our body is always detoxifying itself, it recognises what it needs to absorb and what it needs to get rid of. When we wee or have a #2 this is our digestive system getting rid of toxic waste. This happens regularly for almost everyone, and this part of our bodily cleanse is carried out by the colon and the kidneys. ⠀
Our lungs filter out the toxins in the air we breathe before it absorbs the oxygen which goes into our blood and travels to the muscles in our body.⠀
Skin is our largest organ and it also eliminates waste when we sweat. When the other organs of detoxification are compromised/overworked toxins will seep through the skin and show up as spots, blemishes, rashes or sores. ⠀
Our wonderful liver, such a complex and vital organ, helps our body to either use or get rid of metabolic waste such as environmental toxins or substances which it sees as harmful. ⠀
The lymph system is made up of nodes which act as filters and lymph is a fluid which flows through the body containing white blood cells. lymph collects unwanted “debris” in the body such as fats, bacteria and other harmful materials and filters them through the lymph nodes. The lymph system is similar to the circulatory system except there is no “pump” to help the lymph circulate through the body.
The lymph system relies solely on the body’s movements for circulation….. exercise!