Facing Fears

Mindset is the word I picked for myself at the beginning of the year. I soon realised that in some areas I have a fixed mindset and if I want to grow and develop I need to a) change my mindset and b) challenge myself.

On my travels many years ago, I saw a man drown on the beach on Christmas Day. It was then that I lost my confidence in the sea. I am blessed to live by the sea, in fact, it’s at the bottom of my road, and this year I decided to stop looking at it and to actually get in it. In order to build up my confidence, I knew that I needed to educate myself, to learn about the tides, how to spot rips and to understand the wind. Feeling safe and respecting the sea, would be more than half the challenge.

So equipped with a borrowed wet suit and neoprene booties I went for my first proper swim in years. For the first minute I couldn’t draw breath, it was so cold and I almost gave in, but with the support and encouragement of my gorgeous friend Sarah, and the other members of the Brighton Triathlon Race Series I stayed in for 20 minutes. My cold and fear dissipated and I felt my heart pump. I felt exhilarated and it was a wonderful feeling.

Do you have something you want to do? Is an old fear holding you back? Then talk about it. By having a conversation with my friend Sarah about my ambition to swim again and the fear that was holding me back, I found a solution and a supportive group to swim with. It’s a conversation that has changed my life. I’ve overcome a fear that’s been hanging around for years, and by doing that I’ve boosted my confidence in all areas of my life. It really is good to talk.