Fleabag Sums It Up….

Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a genius. The words above are from her hit BBC series Fleabag , and they embody my thoughts on the menopause and the message that I want to spread.

The snippet above is taken from a conversation between a 58-year-old woman played by Kristen Scott Thomas and 35-year-old Fleabag played by Waller Bridge. Over a martini the two women discuss where they are at in their lives and when it comes to age, Scott Thomas’ character pulls a painful face when Waller-Bridge says she’s 35. Her response to her young friend, “don’t worry, it does get better, I promise.”

How refreshing, rather than hearing an older women respond with a negative slant about fading looks and losing your figure, she comes back with such positivity, and with the truth. It does get better, there’s a glip – the Menopause, but if we can keep our sense of humour, we can, and we will get through it and arrive at MAGNIFICENCE.