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Flex is a creative, rebellious way to live. It’s about looking at routines (like the nine to five) and social norms (like women bearing the brunt of the ‘emotional load’ at home) and bending and re-shaping them.
Flex is looking within and understanding yourself, your body and the patterns of your relationships, and working out how to live, earn money and be happy in a way that is perfect for you and your unique talents.
Flex is knowing that the world is changing fast. The jobs we were trained for in school won’t exist in a decade. The career ladder has been replaced with the portfolio.
If you feel stuck, tired, not at your best, bored… this book is for you.
If you are burning with ideas but stuck in an environment that squashes them… this book is for you.
If you are a rebel at heart… this book is for you.
Flex is reinventing the rules for a smarter, happier future.

Why This Book?

“The Modern Women’s Handbook’ was the subtitle that got me wanting to read this book and I was delighted when Annie agree to be my guest on The Merry Menopause Book Club Podcast.
Auerbach breaks down life into four areas; mind, work, home, body, future and then reveals her insights into how moving away from the ‘norm’ and social conditioning we can have a smarter and happier life.
With focus on the importance of menstrual cycle tracking, a subject close to my heart. She validates the simplicity but huge importance this simple task plays in getting to understand our body and why we should play along to our natural rhythm.
You can listen to Annie’s episode of the podcast here 

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