Men... Let's Talk Menopause
Ruth Devlin

Men Let's Talk Menopause by Ruth Devlin


A comprehensive guide to the female menopause, written for men to help them understand this often perplexing topic.

It addresses all the important aspects of the menopause, including the physical, psychological, genito-urinary and long term symptoms that can occur.

It gives essential information on options available to cope with those symptoms plus good advice for men (and women!) on practical lifestyle choices.

Short and easy to dip in and out of, with humorous illustrations and practical tips for what you can do (and what NOT to say), this is your essential handbook for surviving the change in YOUR life.

Why This Book?

I have learnt from many women that the menopause is putting a strain on their close personal relationships. 


As we become accustomed to talking about the menopause with other women, we also need to open up the conversation and let the men in our life know what is going on.


In less than 100 pages, this handy little book will provide a great overview of what is happening, not just to men, but to women as well. You can hear me chat to Ruth Devlin on The Merry Menopause Bookclub Podcast here 

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