Menopause and the Workplace

Research has shown that menopausal symptoms can have a significant impact on workplace attendance and performance. Menopausal symptoms can also lead to some women leaving their jobs early, or not putting themselves up for promotion.⠀

Every employer has a responsibility to look after the health and wellbeing of their employees and that includes supporting women and their menopause symptoms.⠀
Does your company have a proactive approach to the menopause and a workplace policy in place or are you still waiting for your place of work to implement a policy to support women with symptoms of the menopause? 
Here are two links that will help you identify the support you should be getting in your place of work
Would flexible working help you manage your menopause? There is already a flexible working law in place, full details here on the website.

Anybody that has worked in a company for 26 consecutive weeks is allowed to apply for flexible hours. All you have to do is write to your HR department and within a month they should get back to you.⠀
The Make Menopause Matter campaign is working toward Menopause awareness and support in the workplace, PLEASE help its progress by signing here
Know that you are never alone, join me and The Merry Menopause Community over on Instagram for updates and insights.