Menopause Blues

During the Perimenopause, we are tested both physically and mentally. Our bodies start to change which can lead to self-esteem issues around body image, our libido can wane and we can experience anxiety and sleep deprivation. All of this and more on top of the general stresses of everyday life at home and in the workplace. Add it all up and it is no wonder we can experience The Menopause Blues. 

One minute we can be on a happy high and the next a teary-eyed low. We can have a great day when emotionally and physically we are on full throttle and for no reason, the following day is just downright crappy.
These ups and downs are related to the fluctuation of hormones produced by our ovaries during this transitional period from Perimenopause to Postmenopause, it’s no surprise that our mood is affected negatively by all that life and our bodies are throwing at us.  
This mood swings can be debilitating and it comes back to self-care and awareness. Know that these mood swings are hormone-related and that they won’t last. Cut yourself some slack, you are not turning into a miserable human being, You are riding a tough wave, and you will get through it. 
Postmenopause our body adjusts to the decrease in hormone levels and for the majority of women all is well again and life just gets better and better. 
Are you talking about how you are feeling?? Sharing with others, who really get how it feels can be a huge help. I have a private group linked to my Facebook page, it’s the perfect place to vent and to get support. Come and join us and know that you are not alone.