Menopause Yoga
Petra Coveney


Bringing together western medical science and eastern wellbeing for menopause education, this book helps yoga teachers develop their understanding of menopause and women’s health as well as support their students. Petra Coveney – creator of Menopause Yoga (TM) – shares yoga, breath and meditation practices, poses, and CBT and self-enquiry methods to manage menopause symptoms.

Her book helps to educate and empower women going through menopause, allowing them to embrace it as an opportunity for self-growth. It includes three main yoga sequences that focus on managing specific groups of symptoms, as well as additional sequences for sleep, menorage, and osteopenia. This is the dedicated resource for yoga teachers who want to teach Menopause Yoga (TM), with four detailed 90-minute class plans also available to download.

Underpinned by research and 20 years of teaching experience, Menopause Yoga helps those on their journey from peri-menopause to post-menopause to help them welcome the changes in their minds, bodies and emotions as they enter the next stage in their lives.

Why This Book?

I have had a regular yoga practice for almost 20 years and I do believe it has been a godsend in supporting my mental and physical wellbeing, especially during my Perimenopause and now taking me through Menopause. 

I was delighted to have Petra Coveney as my guest on S4 of The Merry Menopause Bookclub Podcast 

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