I am a Menovist.⠀

It has become apparent to me that women’s health is greatly under-researched and understood. As women, we are being let down, especially when it comes to the diagnosis and/or misdiagnosis of the symptoms of the perimenopause and the menopause. ⠀
I believe that women should be provided with clear, evidence-based, unbiased information on the risks, or not, of taking medication, so they can make informed choices on to how to manage their long term health. ⠀
As women, we reserve the right to choose how we manage our symptoms and what we put into our bodies. Whether we follow a holistic, natural approach or choose well researched, risk evaluated drugs.⠀
As I continue on my menopausal journey, I am passionate about relaying information from the experts to you, The Merry Menopause community. You deserve to know. #Menovist.⠀