Menstrual Cycle Tracking During the Perimenopause

We generally start to experience symptoms of the perimenopause, in our early to mid-40s, which is why for many women during the perimenopause menstrual cycle tracking – even if their periods are erratic – can be of great benefit.⠀

You will have around 400 periods in your fertile lifetime. and they are an amazing resource containing invaluable information on how you operate as a woman both physically and mentally. ⠀
We are conditioned to believe that periods are a problem, an inconvenience, a handicap that makes women emotionally unstable or inconsistent in their behaviour. Some days of the month you will be loving and caring, sociable and energised and some days the total opposite. THIS IS NORMAL AND HEALTHY.⠀
It is impossible to be in a good mood all the time, we are at the mercy of our hormone fluctuations. Once you can understand the behaviours linked to your cycle you will start to value all the different parts of you that show up each month. ⠀
Cycle tracking in its simplest form is writing down one word each day that encompasses how you feel, happy, sad, tired, energised. You can use an app for this, but I would encourage you to use pen and paper and as I elaborate on cycle tracking in my next post, you’ll understand why.