Awen Clement


Many of us feel the pull of the moon when we see it in the sky, but did you know that you have a personal connection to the cycle of the moon based on the phase that you were born under?


In Moon Wise, Awen Clement offers a framework to understand the concept of your Natal Moon Phase Cycle and how to use the knowledge to bring peace and power to your everyday life.


We are all cyclical beings, regardless of our gender, race, spiritual beliefs or culture. This book is intended for everyone, with no prior knowledge required. Not only does it guide you through understanding your Natal Moon Phase Cycle it also offers a walk through the calendar year with the moon, offering you the opportunity to grow and deepen through the seasons.


Human beings have been measuring their lives by the cycle of the moon for centuries. Not only by way of a calendar but also as a way of knowing when to garden, when to harvest and when to heal. With Moon Wise you have the opportunity to explore what your ancestors would have known and place it in the context of the modern world.

Why This Book?

Now that I am no longer having a monthly Menstrual cycle, I am keen to learn more about how I can continue to cycle by using the phases of the moon, and was delighted to have Awen as my guest on S5 of The Merry Menopause Bookclub podcast

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