Mothers Day

My Mama passed away eight years ago, and we scattered her ashes in the sea off the coast of Oliva, in Spain where she lived for 25 years and where she died.

The process of starting The Merry Menopause has brought up a lot of ‘stuff’ around my relationship with my mum. It’s been an emotional time and a huge breakthrough around who I am, who she was, and how very similar we are. If we had talked about hormones, periods, the menopause, or just talked, our relationship would have been so different.

So today I wrote her a letter and told her all the things I’ve learnt about myself because self-development, self-help and talking openly is available to me and my generation. It wasn’t available to her and her generation. Talking to a Doctor generally meant being medicated, not listened to or supported.

In the letter, I told her how much I understand, NOW, what an utterly wonderful woman and mother she was and how I never realised it when she was alive. Today it was time to make my peace with her. To THANK her, love her and respect her for the woman she was and the woman I am today.

I sent her the letter off the coast of Hove, is where I grew up with her and where I live today. The process of writing the letter has been incredibly healing. If you need too, make peace with your mum, dead or alive. It’s never too late.